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After accepting job applications from a large number of prospective applicants to fill a vacant position, recruiting companies organise recruitment tests for shortlisted candidates with the objective of pruning down the number of applicants to a reasonable number.

With the advent of advanced technologies, recruiting companies are increasingly conducting job tests for applicants over the internet. This can be at a venue chosen by the employer or at a location, convenient for the applicant. It is no gainsay to conclude that online job test cannot be handled the same way manual tests are handled. Here are a few tips to help you scale through online job tests:

First, get related materials for the area of competency that the employer tests. Some employers explain the nature of the tests in the emails sent out to candidates. This will serve as a guide to understand what is expected during the test and the materials to study. Some of the test organisers make provision for practice tests. This is also a good guide regarding what to expect in the main test.

Second, ask people who have written the test in time past about the nature and technicalities of the test. If this is not feasible, make inquiries through popular discussion forum online. An example is Nairaland. You will get to read about the experiences of people and also ask questions.

Third, get all necessary materials ready on the day of your test. Ensure they function properly. Most of the job tests do have a quantitative aspect, so ensure you have a calculator and a paper for calculations.

Finally, work as fast as possible as the tests are timed and the opportunity of re-visiting an unanswered question may not be possible. Your speed and accuracy can be enhanced through constant practice of related questions.

Wishing you the best of luck in your next recruitment test.

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