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1. In  a survey, people were asked if the preferred butter, margarine or new Tastee low fat spread. The ratio of people who preferred Tastee to margarine was 4:1. The ratio of people who preferred butter to margarine was 7:1. What was the ratio of people who preferred butter to those who preferred Tastee?
2. A bank offers 4% per annum interest which is calculated and added at the end of the year. Another bank offers 10% per annum which is also calculated and added every year. What is the difference in Naira on a deposit of N1000 after two years?
3. What is the missing number in this series 149, 130, ?, 89, 67
4. What is the missing number in this series 72, 63, 54, 45, ?
5. Paul, Peter and John own stock in their company in the ratio 4:5:6. If the total value of the stock is N45,000, What value of stock would John need to give Paul for all three to own the stock equally?
6. Sola bought N4,000 of company stock. She sold 75% of it when the value doubled, and the remainder at four times the purchase price. What was her total profit?
7. A total of 600 copies of a CD were sold. 55% were sold at 45% discount, 20% were sold at 25% discount and the remainder were sold at the full price of N9.95. What was the approximate total revenue in Naira?
8. Components X,Y and Z are ordered in the ratio 1:5:4. How many Z components will be in an order for 8000 components?
9. Ade and Job both receive stock as part of their remuneration. Ade receives N400 worth plus a bonus of 12%. Job receives N300 worth plus a bonus of 20%. What is the difference between the values of the two bonuses?
10. What is the missing number in the series 3, 5, 15, 17, 27, ?, 39

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