Application Opens for Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at Michigan State University

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

The program is open to residents and citizens of Sub-Saharan African countries. Students who are already enrolled in degree programs in Africa or elsewhere are not eligible for the program. Students who are accepted to the program demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Prior completion of a bachelor’s degree from an African University with academic achievements suggesting continued academic success as a graduate student.
  • Strong commitment to a professional path in line with an area of study that can positively impact Africa.
  • Demonstrated interest and capacity for serving others through engagement in volunteer activities in school, college, or community.
  • Leadership potential.
  • Ability to cope with change, and interest in other countries and cultures.
  • Significant financial need and/or from lowest income bracket in country of origin.
  • Commitment to return to serve home country or region in ways that enhance economic growth and social development.


Naming Guidelines

Students with multiple names or nicknames must be careful and consistent when submitting application materials (academic documents, English language test results, etc.). Inconsistency in the student name listed on application materials could delay or halt the processing of an application. Students should apply using their name as it appears or would appear on the student’s passport.

Submitting Documents

MSU requires official academic documents to be sent by mail and do not accept academic documents sent via email as official.

Resubmitting an Application

Graduate applicants may request a change of semester by contacting their department. Applicants do not need to resubmit academic documents already received by the MSU Office of Admissions. Students only need to submit:

  • Missing materials or new academic information not provided with the initial application for admission;
  • An updated MSU MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program application and recommendation form

The updated application and recommendation form for the following fall are first made available in September on the Graduate Application page.

Admission Fees

Advanced Enrollment Deposit

If you are accepted as a MasterCard Foundation Scholar, you are NOT REQUIRED to submit the $250 Advanced Enrollment Deposit (AED). The MasterCard scholarship will cover this fee for those accepted to The MCF Scholars Program. Selected scholars will be directed to take steps to secure their F-1 Visa.

Financial Information

MasterCard Foundation Scholar candidates are NOT REQUIRED to submit financial information, including an Affidavit of Support, Statement of Financial Proof, or supporting bank statement. The only financial documentation required is contained in the MSU MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program application.

Standardized Tests and English Language Requirements

Each department has varying requirements for standardized testing. Please check with your individual program and department to verify which tests and what scores you need for regular admission into the program.

How to Apply

To apply for The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program, fill out the Scholar’s Program graduate application.

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