Production Manager Recruitment at Tropical General Investments

Tropical General Investments (TGI) Group is an international investment and holding company with over three decades of experience in building sustainable businesses in fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), agriculture, agro-allied, healthcare, chemicals, real estate and oil and gas in 12 countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Republic of Benin, Morocco, UAE, India, South Africa, China etc. with an over 9,000 multicultural workforce.

Position Title: Production Manager

Job Summary

  • Responsible for organizing and overseeing the manufacturing process of all production lines in order to ensure the right amount of goods is produced in a cost effective manner and at a high quality level

Job Description

  • Manages the operations of all production areas to ensure that volume, cost, and quality standards are achieved.
  • Plans and establishes work schedules, staffing requirements, and production sequences to maximize productivity.
  • Provides production process analysis and makes recommendations on solutions to process improvements.
  • Strives to reduce expenses and increase productivity across all product lines
  • Liaises with other managers to formulate objectives and understand requirements
  • Establishes workflow policies that enhance speed and efficiency without compromising product safety or integrity
  • Estimates costs, prepare budgets and organize workflow to meet specifications and deadlines
  • Determines amount of necessary resources (workforce, raw materials etc.)
  • Approves maintenance work, procurement of equipment etc.
  • Ensures output meets quality standards and enforce health and safety precautions
  • Builds efficiency of operations through the implementation of Continuous Improvement.

Skills Requirements

  • B.Sc in Food Technology or any relevant field
  • Minimum of 7 years’ experience as a Production manager or similar role
  • Experience in product lifecycle management
  • Excellent numerical skills and understanding of data analysis/statistical methods.

Application Deadline: Not specified.

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