Service Delivery Manager Recruitment at Rovedana

At Rovedana, we believe that Outsourcing can be better delivered in a seamless way and with a human face. Our mission is to deliver that, using Technology, in Africa.

We are currently recruiting into the following position:

Position Title: Service Delivery Manager

Job Description

 Organizational responsibilities:

  • Ensuring client satisfaction across all Rovedana’s product or service
    • Understanding the needs and requirements of the customer, and moving to meet those needs proactively
    • Directing and controlling the fulfillment of orders, fielding customer inquiries and resolving customer complaints
    • Planning, executing and finalizing projects according to deadlines and budgets
    • To actively contribute to the growth of existing clients and the generation of new business with measurable outcome
  • Managing team of  Client Service Managers
    • Training and development of Client Service team in terms of technical knowledge and corporate etiquettes
    • Provide guidance and support to team
    • Work allocation and streamlining business operations to optimize usage of business resources
    • Monitor and evaluate Client Service team
    • Take part in the policy formulation of the company, especially as it affects the area of service delivery
    • Solely in charge of delivery service planning but subject to evaluation and approval
    • Ensure that policies and plans formulated are in line with the organization’s goals
    • Ensure that policies formulated are fully implemented to achieve policy objectives
    • Assist in hiring and training the members of the service delivery team
    • Educate the members of the service delivery team on new policy plans and implication on service delivery
    • Assess the individual and collective performance of the team members
    • Recommend team members for reward, which could be praise, financial, or material incentive or promotion
    • Organize and head meetings with the service delivery team
    • Prepare periodic reports and present such reports to the senior management
    • Make recommendations for policy or technological change
    • Collate data and information on client satisfaction, inquiry, and complaint
    • Develop new strategies to maintain or improve on the quality of service delivery
    • Develop strategies to increase profit and minimize cost incurred on service delivery
    • Carry out research regularly and attend seminars to learn improved service delivery procedures and processes.


  • Operational Capability with exposure to management consulting in 3 years
  • Good leadership skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Good problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Detail oriented and diligent
  • Entrepreneurial by nature with a strong sense of ownership
  • Excellent knowledge of Google Docs

Application Deadline: Not specified

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